Laser correction

Laser correction

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Thinking about laser eye surgery to correct your vision? You’re not alone – this popular procedure has improved the vision of hundreds of thousands of people who no longer have to depend on glasses or contacts to see.

However, laser vision correction isn’t the right solution for everyone. If you’re thinking about it, come see us for an assessment. We will do a few diagnostic tests to determine refraction, eye health, and see if you’re a candidate. We will also sit down with you and go over all benefits and potential risks and limitations, tell you what to expect, and refer you to a top-quality laser vision clinic to perform the surgery.

Both Drs. Mastronardi and O’Connor have extensive experience in Laser Correction having both worked at various Laser Centres throughout their careers. They are uniquely positioned to provide you with an unbiased, experienced, professional opinion. Call today to book your appointment.

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